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A panfandom survival roleplaying game.

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Name:Logging Community of Demeleier
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Demeleier has ended. Thank you for playing!
November 2009 - October 2014

Wherever you come from, you’ve probably heard of faeries, or something like them, at some point in your life. They might be myth, they might be your best friends - but in most cases, they’re little things, right? Wings. Sparkles. Benevolence.

If only that was the case here.

Unfortunately, the fae here are rather more - well, monstrous. You? You’re a plaything. A toy. To some of them, you might even be food. Above all, you're the entertainment.

Welcome to Demeleier! You might not remember how you got here, and you might not be able to find a way out - but don't concern yourself with that. They prefer it that way.

You might want to keep some iron close to hand, because the fae here are probably quite different from the fae you know. These are the way they were before humans hid them with glitter and butterfly wings. These are fae on an endless hunt, and you?

You're the prey.

[community profile] demeleier is a panfandom game based on tales of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts and set in what seems to be idyllic countryside.

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